Piles and Piles of Fun!

A couple weeks ago I had to clean out my classroom. Quite the ordeal since I had basically lived in that room for 2 years. I had decorated with self-made curtains to shade the windows, printed shelf liner adorned my cabinets and tabletops, canvases painted by Punky and me were all over the walls, matching … Continue reading Piles and Piles of Fun!

Work a little, save a lot!

Since we made the decision that I would be staying home and we would be an single-income family I have found myself in full penny-pinching mode. I know that there is no way I could "save" enough to compensate for my income, but there are plenty of places we can cut back on our spending … Continue reading Work a little, save a lot!

Bead me up scottie

What a glorious thing it is to have free time!  Yesterday was technically my last day at school, but because I made it so.  Teachers in our county have workdays through next Monday, but since I'm not going back next year those days of professional development seemed unnecessary, so I took my remaining personal time … Continue reading Bead me up scottie

Days and Weeks to Come

One of my daughter's favorite questions is "How much longer until...?" This is a tough one to answer for a kid who has little concept of time vocabulary. I often refer to things that are days away by the number of "sleeps" she has left which has seemed to work.  Punky has gotten better about … Continue reading Days and Weeks to Come

Counting the Sunshines

If you've read my introductory posts, you know I have just recently made the decision to stay home and homeschool my children. This is a whole new world! I am now solely responsible for everything my four year old and two year old do and don't know how to do! Talk about scary! I know … Continue reading Counting the Sunshines